ICC Next Event – Exploring Affordable Housing Solutions for People with Diverse Abilities

YOU’RE INVITED! We invite all organizations and groups interested in exploring solutions to the affordable housing crisis faced by people with diverse abilities. Here, we will provide a knowledge exchange on affordable housing construction projects, both completed and in progress. We will also have representatives from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) to discuss information and opportunities for funding. Learn from those who have completed housing projects or are in the process, and learn about housing partnerships that have been successful in different communities.

Growing National Challenges


18% of people who are in shelters have a developmental disability according to Dr. Sylvan Roy, PhD, President, Ontario Psychological Association.


50% live with significant medical issues according to Health Care Access Research and Developmental Disabilities.


Women with a developmental disability are 65% more likely to experience abuse


90% live below the poverty line

Introducing The Consortium

The Intentional Community Consortium (ICC), founded in 2017, is a registered not-for-profit, representing Charities and Not-for-profit organizations, working to solve the housing crisis for those with diverse abilities across Canada.

Support Housing Investment

We are calling for three levels of government to continue their support for affordable housing, establishing pathways and continuing their collaboration with agencies.

Members of the ICC are dedicated to helping meet the growing demand for accessible supportive housing in Canada.

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A home of one’s own is the cornerstone of independence for ALL persons. The supply of affordable, accessible, and supportive housing for people with diverse abilities remains far less than the need.

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