With a strong goal to provide an affordable, supportive rental housing to the vulnerable seniors, adults with physical, mental or developmental disabilities, their caregivers and women & children fleeing domestic violence, Anand Vihar – The Centre for Dignified Living, aspires to promote community inclusion, personal growth, independence and living with dignity for its residents. It will represent the Canadian mosaic of multi-culturalism and actively support their cultural, spiritual and culinary preferences. It would be based on a person-centered care model for its residents to be living a joyful, and engaged life in a safe and healthy environment supported by family and community. The residence will include an onsite medical clinic, an art shop, an eatery, and day programming for its diverse residents, totalling 100 individuals. Anand Vihar will serve as a community hub, an institution in innovative studies on progressive urban planning. This registered charity needs 1.5 acres of land.

Beth Tikvah Foundation of Hamilton is a Hamilton area transfer payment agency that was established in 1990.  Currently they operate 1 group living residence, 4 Intensive Supports Residence and support 7 other individuals in Supported Independent Living.  Beth Tikvah Foundation of Hamilton has always had a close relationship with Reena dating back to 2011.  The Foundation has come a long way since 2016 where it only supported 6 residences in one group home.  The Foundation at that time employed 6 people and currently employ close to 70 staff.  The Board of Directors approved participation in a new supportive housing project for persons with developmental disabilities, youth and others in need of affordable housing.  Beth Tikvah continues to search out avenues for affordable housing for those with a developmental disability.

CAFFI is a local family network, working with families to connect them with each other, current resources and community partners.CAFFI HOUSING is an incorporated not for profit, piloting an affordable rental housing project for individuals with intellectual challenges. We promote safe community inclusion and integration in Caledon.

Camphill Communities is part of an international organization that provides housing and supports for persons with developmental disabilities. In 1990 they developed a series of group homes on a large rural property of 280 acres located in Angus, Ontario. They are now pursuing the development of an additional 20 townhouse units that would be organized as a co-housing development for persons with developmental disabilities and for Camphill staff elsewhere on the property. Planning and design work is currently underway.

Founded in 1976, Central West Specialized Developmental Services (CWSDS) is a community-based organization that brings together a wide range of clinical and support professionals to deliver specialized services and supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who have complex needs.  CWSDS is a leader in providing supportive living, community participation supports and specialized services, assessment and treatment to people who have developmental and intellectual disabilities, dual diagnosis, and/or challenging behaviours throughout the municipalities of Halton, Peel and Dufferin and the regions of Waterloo and Wellington.  As a charitable not-for profit organization, we are dedicated to driving excellence in developmental services to help people reach their full potential. We work together to change lives through understanding and compassionate support.  We collaborate with others to build stronger communities for all.

Incorporated in 1976, CTRC was founded to provide services and supports to people with developmental disability across the lifespan within the districts of Cochrane and Timiskaming. The organization has established a long history of enriching the lives of people with developmental disability on their journey to becoming full members of the community.

Our Vision is that individuals supported will have fair and equal opportunity to live, work and play within the community, as determined by personal interest and not by label.

Our Mission is to advance the quality of life of individuals with developmental disabilities through the promotion of supports and services which are person driven, holistic, community based and accountable.

As we emerged from the pandemic and the related restrictions to our programs, we have worked hard to reconnect our services throughout the communities we support across northeastern Ontario. Our supportive housing and  community participation activities continue to provide opportunities for individuals with development disability to pursue meaningful relationships and activities.  Our dedication to providing essential case management and clinical services has been resolute as we serve the full age range of human development. We are strengthening relationships with the coastal First Nations communities of James Bay to help build and connect important developmental services and supports in these remote locations.


Founded in 1960 and incorporated in 1963, Elmira District Community Living is a non-profit, charitable organization that provides supports and offers services to people with an intellectual disability. EDCL’s mission is to create partnerships that provide relevant, individualized, and innovative services for persons supported by EDCL, and to advocate, educate, and facilitate the participation of the Community in achieving each person’s life vision. Our vision is that people we support live with dignity and respect, are provided choice, opportunity, citizenship and unique to each person. EDCL recognizes the importance of communication and accountability to all our stakeholders and the community. We are committed to innovation in response to the needs of people with an intellectual disability and promote inclusion through community development. EDCL offers supports to adults over the age of 18 and provides these supports through the person’s entire life. Accomplishing all this with the support our families, staff, volunteers and our community.

Community Living Hamilton began when a group of mothers came together in a church basement to explore how they could support each other and their sons and daughters with special needs. More than 60 years later, their determination, spirit and support are reflected in our wealth of programs and services that help build great lives. These include: Community day programs where people with developmental disabilities can plan and participate in social, recreational and skills development activities. Fee-for-service options such as weekly social gatherings and skills-building sessions. Essential respite care that eases the burden on caregivers and provides a safe, enjoyable experience for kids and adults. Residential care through group homes, family homes and support for independent living. Resource teachers and facilitators who support the inclusion of kids in licensed childcare settings. Valuable employment services, supports and more.

Community Living Haldimand is a not-for-profit, charitable organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Established in 1957 by parents advocating for opportunities for their children, Community Living Haldimand has a proud history of providing community-based supports and ensuring meaningful, inclusive possibilities for adults with developmental disabilities. Community Living Haldimand employs approximately 140 staff that in collaboration with families and the community support over 170 people with intellectual disabilities throughout Haldimand County.

Founded in 1960 by a group of concerned parents and incorporated in 1967, Community Living South Muskoka (CLSM) is a registered charity that provides support to over 400 individuals of all ages with a developmental disability and their families. Community Living South Muskoka serves individuals residing in South Muskoka from Severn Bridge and Port Severn/Honey Harbour to the South and from Mactier to midway between Bracebridge and Huntsville in the North. For Family Home programs we support individuals in the entire District of Muskoka. CLSM is a member of OASIS (Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals with Special Needs), a provincial organization representing 189 agencies that provide supports to individuals and families in the developmental sector.

Community Living Toronto has been a source of support for people with an intellectual disability and their families since 1948. We offer a wide range of services including respite, person-directed planning, employment supports, supported living, and community-based activities. We are proud to support over 4,000 individuals and their families in 80+ locations across Toronto. The “community living movement” began with families who wanted their children to live in the community, rather than institutions. Today, we continue to advocate for inclusive communities and support the rights and choices of people with an intellectual disability.

Cribwolf Foundation is a registered non-profit organization founded in 2016 by Lino Fera and Mathews (George) Kanjirappallil dedicated to help meet the growing demand for accessible supportive housing in Canada for individuals with developmental disabilities.  As a proud member of the Intentional Community Consortium (ICC) we support an inclusive community-based housing strategy that envisions collaborating partners building housing developments modelled on the success of existing projects.  By pursuing a coordinated multi-community effort, and implementing scale and shared learning, we increase our potential to generate positive results and successfully create a significant number of multi unit residential communities designed for individuals with developmental disabilities and other similar support needs. Our organizational mandate is to support, in a collaborative manner, the construction of a multi unit residential community (MURC) housing model. In order for Cribwolf Foundation to succeed, the organization requires several successes: operating capital, granted charitable status, acquisition of land/property (donated or re-purposed), community agency partnerships and family involvement in conjunction with the support of various layers of Government (Municipal, Provincial and Federal). Cribwolf Foundation believes that every individual with varied abilities is entitled to quality of life, the most important element being a community centric residence, providing an environment that is harmonious, safe, inclusive, fosters independence, personal growth, choice and individuality, with access to support services as required.

DeafBlind Ontario Services provides an array of services to people who are Deaf, hard of hearing, non-verbal and deafblind that are customized to each individual’s unique needs, method of communication, and goals to enrich their life. As a leader in the field, our reach extends into remote communities and urban centres across the province with supported living homes and customized community services. We are currently working on new housing projects in Peterborough, Durham, Ottawa and Sudbury.

Durham Region Non-Profit Housing Corporation is a municipal non-profit housing corporation formed by the Region of Durham in 1985. They have developed and manage a portfolio of 18 projects totalling 1100 units for seniors, singles, families and persons with disabilities. In particular, they own an existing project in Oshawa which could be intensified by adding a small building of about 18 units and are keen on working with the Consortium to determine whether this building could be a supportive housing project for persons with developmental disabilities. The site is fully owned by the Corporation and is zoned for the intended use and has full municipal services. They collaborate with numerous supportive agencies in their various projects and are highly dedicated to expanding the range of supportive housing in the Region of Durham. Our organizational mandate is to support, in a collaborative manner, the construction of a multi unit residential community (MURC) housing model.


Empower Simcoe responds to community needs through inclusive supports and services that enhance the quality of all lives. As an organization dedicated to service, we work mindfully to empower individual goals, while treating everyone with respect and dignity. Our mission is to empower people to lead a full and inclusive life, by providing the highest quality of services. We are a welcoming organization that provides everyone with the opportunity to Be, Belong, and Thrive. A state-of-the-art building in Oro-Medonte was constructed and completed in 2022 to support 6 individuals with complex needs. It has six pods, and each pod is self-contained. Empower Simcoe has started constructing a new housing project in the city of Orillia. This new supported housing is for 6 individuals with developmental disabilities. This project is slated to be completed by December 2023. There is also a children’s treatment home on the horizon for the near future.

karis Disability Services is an international organization providing a full spectrum of services for people with developmental disabilities. Founded in the 1960’s, it has evolved into a non-profit, faith-based charitable organization with more than 3,500 employees and hundreds of volunteers. It operates over 200 residences, serving nearly 2,000 people with exceptional needs in Ontario and Saskatchewan. Over the course of 25 years, its affiliated agency, Christian Horizons Global, has made a positive impact in the lives of over 300,000 people affecting over 60 communities globally. Its mission is “As an expression of Christian faith, we work together with people who experience disabilities to accomplish their goals and nurture communities where everybody belongs..” Its vision is: “People who experience disabilities belong to communities in which their God-given gifts are valued and respected..” As a major experienced provider of supportive housing, Christian Horizons has become an active member of the Consortium. The precise nature and location of any potential projects is currently under discussion.

The Ogimaawabiitong (Kenora Chiefs Advisory – KCA) is an alliance of independent, participating First Nations, spread over 3,600 square kilometres within the Western Region, home to over 4,200 people and has been incorporated and in operation since 1995. The mandate is to provide programs and services in our affiliated First Nations.

The Kenora District Services Board (KDSB) provides help and support when you need it. KDSB delivers essential social services. These services assist in helping everyone reach their full potential. KDSB’s services support individuals, families and communities in the Kenora District.  The Kenora District Services Board (KDSB) offers housing programs and services to residents of the Kenora District.

Kerry’s Place is one of Canada’s largest service providers to families with autistic children, youth, and adults, serving more than 8,000 families and individuals each year.

Since 1974 we’ve been creating and providing evidence-based supports and services that enhance the quality of life of those with autism across Ontario, and we are one of the only organizations in the country that serves the entire life span of autistic individuals.  

As the prevalence rate of Autism continues to rise, the need for services and supports continue to increase. Kerry’s Place is recognized as a leader nationally and internationally, with service providers seeking our consultation to help with best practice research, training, and service delivery.

KW Habilitation is a local Kitchener/Waterloo agency established in the 1950’s that provides a wide range of individualized services and supports to children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities. Today they employ over 500 persons and provide services to approximately 1,000 individuals and their families.  KW Habilitation has their 22-unit affordable housing project up and running and are getting ready for the next project. This will be an 18 unit affordable housing project for a diverse population including people who have a developmental disability. The project is near shovel ready and they continue to look for all funding opportunities including a co-investment with CMHC.

Luso Canadian Charitable Society was formed in 2002 by a group of businessmen in the Portuguese community of Toronto. While working closely with the community, they quickly understood the need to improve the lives of disabled persons and their families. Our plan, designed to support and reduce isolation for those at risk, was welcomed by the community with open arms.

Mary Centre is your trusted partner in enabling and enriching the lives of people with developmental disabilities. We know that one of the very important aspects when assisting people, with a developmental disability, in “Building a good life” is listening to their desires to live as independently as possible in their communities. An important aspect of living in ‘their communities” is to acquire affordable and accessible housing. We are starving to maximize opportunities and partnerships to take matters into our own hands to successfully provide such a living situation for people with developmental disabilities and others.

At Miriam Center, we offer children, youth and adults living with intellectual disabilities or pervasive developmental disorders the most up-to-date and comprehensive programs to help them improve their quality of life and achieve their dreams.

New Leaf’s vision is to create a home and community where people learn and experience life together. On our main site, New Leaf aims to plan and build a structure that consists of both townhouse units and apartments. With this structure we will replace one of our larger residences by creating smaller supported living and semi-independent living options. As well, it will include new affordable rental options for the broader community, including dedicated rental units for those who work in developmental services struggling to find affordable housing in the northern areas of York Region and South Simcoe.

Ongwanada is a non-profit, accredited organization dedicated to supporting people with developmental disabilities, with a particular focus on those with complex needs and their families so that they can lead full lives, effectively supported in their communities. Following a servant-leadership philosophy, within the context of safety and responsibility to those we serve and serve with, and consistent with Ongwanada’s Code of Ethics, the organization is guided by its commitment to three core values: Support. Respect. Choices.

Springboard builds stronger communities by helping at risk and vulnerable youth and adults through critical transitions in their lives with a focus on community justice, employment and developmental disability services. We serve a diverse group of individuals, ranging from participants with developmental disabilities, individuals referred by the courts for diversion services, to NEET youth and adults (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). Since 1974, Springboard has been a meeting place for passionate professionals and people looking for guidance or support as they achieve their full potential.

Parents for Community Living KW Inc. (PCL) is a not for profit charitable organization offering meaningful services and supports for persons with exceptional needs in our community. With almost 200 employees, PCL provides respite & residential services in eleven locations throughout the Waterloo Region as well as day programs supporting over 160 children, youth and adults with exceptional needs.


The Participation House Project (Durham Region) is a non-profit organization developing and providing a range of services for youth and adults with physical and developmental disabilities throughout Durham Region for more than 40 years. Chartered in 1975, the organization is directed by a volunteer community-based Board of Directors committed to the belief that people with disabilities are entitled to shape their lives and actualize their potential.  As an Accredited Organization and a Canadian Non-Profit Employer of Choice, The Participation House Project (Durham Region) consistently demonstrates their commitment to families through their assurance to provide high quality supports and services through competent and satisfied employees. Participation House Project has embraced the Ministry’s vision to transform the adult service system and has implemented changes that are responsive to family and community needs of Durham. Our services go beyond simply providing accessible residential living supports, respite care and day services. We support and empower people through providing them with community based learning opportunities that enables them to develop skills and connections that not only guide them toward discovering their inner strengths, but also provides them with the ability to self-direct their lives within their community’s care. ‘Connections’ are made at different times in our lives, and for different reasons but every “Connection” brings with it new opportunities. We at the Participation House Project (Durham Region) believe that Everyone has something to give and that Everyone benefits from developing networks and relationships made through creating opportunities. In addition to supporting individuals in healthy and safe homes, PH services includes recreation and social components to bring people together in their community. Day activities promote social interaction, increased awareness and exposure to local resources that greatly assist people in obtaining their desired personal goals. Services offered to families includes various respite options, support with planning and navigating the sector by creating awareness of funding and other opportunities, including newly implemented direct funding support.

Reena is a non-profit organization which promotes dignity, individuality, independence, personal growth and community inclusion for people with diverse abilities within a framework of Jewish culture and values. Reena is dedicated to helping children, adults and seniors with developmental disabilities realize their full potential and become fully integrated into mainstream society. Reena is proposing to build approximately 106 residential units modeled on the success of the first two of Reena’s Community Residence:, the Sandy Keshen Reena Residence and the Lou Fruitman Reena Residence. The facility will be situated on 165 Elm Ridge Drive, Toronto, and will be aimed at addressing the housing and complex care requirements of the individuals deemed to be a priority for service by Developmental Services Ontario, including individuals who are aging, at risk of homelessness, inappropriately placed in health care and other institutions and other disabled and highly vulnerable individual members of the community. Expected Occupancy  – 2025.


Safehaven is a not-for-profit organization that has provided residential and respite care to individuals with medical complexities and developmental disabilities for over 35 years. With five locations across the GTA, Safehaven serves thousands of individuals diagnosed with cerebral palsy, down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, genetic disorders, and other medically complex care needs.

St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church is a long standing church in the Markham Rd./Lawrence Ave. area of Scarborough. They actively participate in a variety of community services and programs and are well linked to local community agencies. The Church is located on about half an acre of prime land on Lawrence Ave. E. in an area designated for multiple residential use in the City of Toronto Official Plan and are interested in redeveloping the property.Their vision is to partner with some well-established agencies to develop an affordable housing project serving those in need and to incorporate some supportive housing as part of the project. They are also exploring incorporating affordable rental housing and affordable ownership housing as part of the concept. They would also incorporate a small worship space within the development.  The Church has established a development committee, which has met on several occasions to discuss the vision for the project and are currently approaching potential partners to determine the most suitable approach for the project.

Tamir supports people with Developmental Disabilities and people with Autism to live their best life by promoting individuality, independence, dignity, and community inclusion while embracing Jewish culture and values. Tamir is a modest sized agency located in the City of Ottawa providing developmental services primarily for the Jewish community. The planned facility will be located in the heart of the Jewish Community Campus of Ottawa and will include approximately 44 beds in 24 units of 1-5 beds per unit within approximately 40,000 sq. ft. and day services space of approximately 5,000 sq. ft. The site selected within the Campus has suitable zoning and municipal services. Philanthropic funds of approximately $4.5 million have been pledged towards the project. Planning and design work are currently underway for the project.

Our core mission is to provide clean, safe, well-maintained, affordable homes for residents. Through collaboration and with residents’ needs at the forefront, we connect residents to services and opportunities, and help foster great neighbourhoods where people can thrive. ​

Willowbridge Community Services serves individuals living developmental disability across the Brantford-Brant, Hamilton, Niagara, Haldimand, Norfolk and Six Nations communities.   Our services support adults and their families in finding belonging and wellbeing. Securing appropriate and affordable housing is a basic human right that contributes to wellbeing and belonging.  Our current housing environment is in a crisis, there is no housing inventory for the people we support.  We must advocate in partnership with others, with all available means, to address this issue.

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