Our Mission


  • Dedication of 5% of National Housing Strategy Funds towards people with developmental disabilities
  • Direct support to the Intentional Community Consortium, in the form of a two-thirds combined federal/provincial grant of $66 Million, to be used in the construction of new affordable mixed-use housing across Ontario for individuals with developmental disabilities.


The Intentional Community Consortium is calling on the Federal Government to fulfill its affordable housing commitments by developing a National Housing Strategy that incorporates the needs of people with disabilities and supports the construction of new affordable housing for people with disabilities. This can be achieved by dedicating 5% of funds flowing through the National Housing Strategy for people with developmental disabilities, and making it a requirement for provincial housing programs.

In particular, we are seeking support for the development of several mixed-use affordable housing projects for those with developmental disabilities in Ontario. We are seeking a two-thirds combined federal/provincial grant of $66 million to implement the project. The Intentional Community Consortium commits to raising one-third of funding through private donors and lenders.

We can deliver on the Federal Government’s commitment to build strong communities and help vulnerable Canadians obtain a home.