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Housing & Homelessness Roundtable 2017

Interesting in becoming a partner of the Intentional Community Consortium (ICC)? We welcome members who agree to the following values and expectations:

Members of the ICC are dedicated to help meet the growing demand for accessible supportive housing in Ontario. The ICC supports an inclusive community-based housing strategy that envisions collaborating partners building housing developments in communities across Ontario modeled on the success of existing projects such as the building and programming at the Reena Community Residence. Members of the ICC believe that a coordinated multi-community effort is the best way to generate significant positive results. Using scale and shared learning will result in the creation of a significant number of housing units designed for individuals with intellectual disabilities and other similar support needs.

Members of the ICC are expected to participate actively in expanding the supply of accessible supportive housing in Ontario. This will be done by developing supportive housing projects dedicated to individuals with intellectual disabilities and other similar support needs, and/or participating in development initiatives incorporating supportive housing of this nature. Members will share information to assist other members in their efforts, help ICC advocate to government and other funders for funding and program support and generally lend support to the efforts of the ICC where possible. ICC members are expected to contribute 10 hours or more per month in support of the efforts and in working with the ICC on ICC common efforts as distinct from their own project by attending coordinated meetings, preparing materials and or advocacy work for the project. ICC members will be invited to regularly scheduled conference calls and may from time to time be invited to training and information sessions relevant to the ICC. The costs associated with ICC coordination will be covered by the ICC.

If you are interested in participating in the effort to develop affordable housing for individuals with developmental disabilities please download the form below.

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