About Us

Individuals with developmental disabilities living in community based housing face growing national challenges that require attention and investment from all levels of government.

  • Over 18% of people who are homeless have a developmental disability
  • 50% live with significant medical issues
  • Women with a developmental disability are 65% more likely to experience abuse
  • 90% live below the poverty line

To put this in perspective:

  • About 300,000 Ontario adults have an intellectual disability. An estimated 40% or 120,000 of these individuals also have a concurrent mental health diagnosis.
  • An estimated 10,000 individuals in Ontario are on a non-municipal waiting list for residential supports/affordable housing

Building on the success of the innovative Reena Community Residence in Vaughan and with the support of the Ontario Government, Reena has created the Intentional Community Consortium with other agencies across Ontario to pilot a series of affordable housing projects for mixed use to be scaled out across Canada.

Using the scale and shared learning possible with the combined strength of our partner organizations will result in the creation of hundreds of housing units designed for individuals with developmental disabilities. Each partnership will serve local needs as identified by local service partners and funders. The consortium will seek to identify additional needs that can be accommodated within the proposed housing projects, and lead advocacy efforts aimed at securing funding from senior levels of government to support this initiative.