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ICC Lobby Day 2018

We celebrated the National Housing Strategy and expressed our hopes for the future at this year's ICC Lobby Day on Parliament Hill. Below are some photos from the day's activities.[FAG id=3584]
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ICC Planning Day 2017 [Slideshow]

Special thanks to everyone that was able to join us including Minister Helena Jaczek and Minister Chris Ballard.The Consortium spent the day looking at how to build capital, as well as, how to operate buildings, services and timelines for projects. 
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Lobby Day @ Parliament 2017 [Slideshow]

On March 6th, 2017, Senators and Members of the House of Commons were invited to an event honouring National Developmental Disabilities Month. Reena and the Intentional Community Consortium presented information on the Innovative Reena Community Residence and our plans to increase Supportive Housing for individuals with Developmental Disabilities across Canada. 
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