We Asked & You Listened

The Intentional Community Consortium would like to thank all levels of government for listening to the voices of those with developmental disabilities and creating a National Housing Strategy that speaks to their unique housing needs.

In particular, we would like to thank the Federal Government for their vision and the Ministry of Community and Social Services, Government of Ontario for their support of the Intentional Community Consortium.

We look forward to all three levels of government working together to ensure that the recommendations of the Intentional Community Consortium are implemented over the next ten years.

Because The Intentional Community Consortium:

  • Recommended a solution to the affordable housing crisis for individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Advocated for this model on Parliament Hill, Queens Park and across the country hosting roundtables in Alberta and holding meetings in BC
  • Shared the experiences of vulnerable communities across the country

The Government Listened:

  • Committing to the development of 2,400 units for individuals with development disabilities
  • Providing 10,000 people in Ontario, that are on a non-municipal waiting list for residential support, hope for a home of their own
  • Creating access to affordable housing for 18% of the homeless population that have developmental disabilities

The Intentional Community Consortium would like to thank the Azrieli Foundation and the Ministry of Community and Social Services for their financial support. By supporting the work of the Consortium, individuals with developmental disabilities will now have a chance to thrive.


Thank you for listening,
The Intentional Community Consortium

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